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The Dan Kane Singers are a family of over 145 members ranging in age from 6 to 80. We come from all walks of life and our throng consists of teachers, nurses, office workers, a librarian, a psychologist, carpenters, politicians, students and many retirees from as many professions.

The Dan Kane Singers began in 1977 when Dan was just 16 years old. There was a small local group of about 15 adult singers that performed in various charity concerts in the city of Holyoke. They were based out of a very popular restaurant called Gleason's Townhouse. One of Dan's teachers/mentors was the great Jackie Hague, who was the original leader/director of that group. When they disbanded in 1977, Dan's dad, Jim Kane (one of the singers from Gleason's), volunteered his son to take over the reins. That is when the fun began. Read more